Computers & Tablets

My mother and I each got a new laptop computer. We were both having trouble getting used to the flat keyboards, as compared to the old elevated/angled keyboards we had been using on our desktop computers for years. So we built some angled computer stands for our laptops! Here's how...

Have any old computers? You can breathe new life into an old computer by defragging the system, upgrading the RAM memory & unclocking the CPU. Here's how.

I found another one-of-a-kind USB drive that you can make yourself. This one is made from a Lego block! Here are directions and pictures.

Have a tech bag for your tech gear, computer & electronics? I do! See my top picks in padded bags for electronics -- including a tech backpack and a rolling duffel bag.

The HP Photosmart 6520 printer/scanner/copier is a WiFi printer that does everything we need. It's the best multifunction printer we've found for our home office.

USB ports have been around for awhile, but the USB Type C connector is newer & definitely worth having! See why a USB C cable is better than other USB types.

Unfortunately, you might think about laptop security only after a thief gets his hands on yours. Here are some laptop computer protection steps you should take TODAY to keep your laptop (and the data it holds) safe!

You should really act quickly if you're wondering what to do if your email has been hacked. There are 6 helpful tips to follow if you're concerned about an email hacker.

Ah... what to do with old computers?! I recently turned an old computer into a server, and I turned some old laptops into digital photo frames. My best ideas.