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I love my personalized new ringtone! Here's how to make your own ringtone and custom vibration patterns on iPhone or Android. You can even mix names & songs in a ringtone.

Do you know the differences between Netflix vs Hulu? I use both. Reasons to consider signing up for both Hulu AND Netflix if you're cutting the cord on cable!

Custom QR codes store an unlimited amount of data, photos & videos. See how to use QR codes in your daily life -- from pet ID tags to selling your house!

I shop online a lot. And I always want to find the best price - who doesn't? These are my favorite sites that track items and send you email price alerts whenever the price drops online.

The HP Photosmart 6520 printer/scanner/copier is a WiFi printer that does everything we need. It's the best multifunction printer we've found for our home office.

See if you can hear the Mosquito Ringtone that only 20-somethings are supposed to be able to hear - try it for yourself here! The mosquito sound is only for teens.

What happens to your Facebook account after you die? Will anyone create a Facebook memorial page for you? Here's how to assign a Facebook legacy contact, how to report someone on Facebook has died, and how to create online memorials for loved ones.

Did you realize that your smartphone security is at risk by using Bluetooth? I didn't either. Here are my best tips for choosing cellphone security apps + Other helpful ways to keep your phone safe.

I don't play games on my phone often. But I do enjoy board games, word games & Tetris-type games. If you want to add a few fun time-wasters on your iPhone, you'll appreciate these.