Considering Hulu Or Netflix? Here’s Why You Should Subscribe To Both Hulu AND Netflix

by Aimee

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hulu and netflix for watching tv and movies

The competition among streaming video providers is continuing to heat up, as more and more people are switching to the streaming model of watching movies and TV shows.

You might be wondering which one you should choose: Hulu or Netflix?

After doing some research, I’ve determined that subscribing to both Hulu and Netflix is probably the best bet!

Netflix and Hulu are the 2 biggest subscription-based services offering streaming content — so you can watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

Both services have their merits and their shortcomings — but if you really want the best access to the most streaming content, then it’s worthwhile to have subscriptions to both Hulu and Netflix.

Here’s why…

What Netflix Offers

Netflix was the original innovator when it came to bringing catalog movies and TV shows into the cloud. When the company launched its Netflix Instant Service in 2007, there was nothing else quite like it.

Noticeably more convenient than the existing mail-order movie rental business, and much cheaper than the pay-per-download model generated by iTunes, Netflix gave customers immediate access to a wide range of movie titles.

No longer did you have to decide what movie you would be in the mood for days in advance. Instead, you could just pull up your Instant Queue and have access to whatever movie appealed to you at the time.

Today, you’ll pay a monthly fee, and you’ll enjoy these Netflix benefits:

  • Literally hundreds of thousands of titles
  • New and different movies all the time
  • Flexibility to watch whenever it suits you
  • A very inclusive catalog of movies and TV shows
  • Lots of Netflix original series (many of which are actually quite good… and popular!)

While Netflix hit some bumps in the road in the past, it seems to have found solid footing and gotten back on track. Most who have a Netflix membership love it. Nearly 150 million subscribers says something!

Netflix now has 148.8 million subscribers globally, 60.2 million of whom are from the U.S.

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What Hulu Offers

hulu streaming tv shows

If Netflix is the king of streaming movies, Hulu is the top dog when it comes to TV shows.

The company — which had existed for several years as a free, ad-based service — introduced its subscription Hulu Plus division in 2010.

For a monthly fee, you get these Hulu benefits:

  • TV shows the day after they air — from all the major networks
  • The entire current season for most series
  • Fewer commercials than you will find in a typical TV broadcast
  • Access to several complete series from their very first air date — from classic TV shows to recently-aired programs
  • small catalog of movies, including all the titles in the Criterion Collection.

Why You Should Subscribe To Both Hulu And Netflix

Most of us are doing everything we can to save money — and entertainment is usually one of the first “extravagances” to get trimmed from the budget.

For this reason, it makes sense why you might be tempted to choose between Hulu and Netflix. However, when it comes down to it, both companies are offering unique content with very little crossover.

Here are 4 reasons to subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix:

  1. If you want access to the latest movies and past seasons of TV shows, you’ll find them on Netflix.
  2. If you want to stay up-to-date on the current TV shows, you will need to use Hulu.
  3. The total combined cost is as little as $20 per month (ad supported), if you subscribe to both.
  4. You’ll have access to almost all the video content you could want!

The Bottom Line

These 2 streaming giants aren’t really competitors at all. In fact, they’re 2 individual companies that you can use in tandem to get a fairly complete TV and movie viewing experience from the comfort of your own home.

Yes, you may occasionally want to supplement with content from other providers — but the basics will always be there if you subscribe to both Hulu and Netflix.

With both Netflix and Hulu in place, you can:

  • Cancel your cable (and potentially save hundreds of dollars per month).
  • Have a wide variety of options at all times (which is likely your goal of streaming shows in the first place).

All over the world, people are “cutting the cord” and canceling their cable TV subscriptions in favor of getting video content entirely from the Internet.

If you subscribe to Hulu and Netflix both, then you too can cut the cord to cable and watch what you want whenever you want!

More About Hulu And Netflix

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