Tech Tips & How To's

I've always wondered whether you should leave your printer ON 24/7, or keep it turned OFF. I finally found the answer: Leave it ON. Here's why!

Want to know when a website adds a new article? Subscribe to that site's RSS feed! To see new articles from all your favorite sites in one place, you need an RSS feed reader (FREE). Here's how to subscribe to RSS feeds and how to choose the best free RSS feed reader for your needs.

I love my personalized new ringtone! Here's how to make your own ringtone and custom vibration patterns on iPhone or Android. You can even mix names & songs in a ringtone.

Forwarded emails are often used to steal email addresses and spread viruses. Here's how to forward an email message properly - so you don't send SPAM email to your friends.

Take it from this editor of 32 websites, using computer shortcut keys definitely saves time! These are the Windows keyboard shortcuts you'll use the most.

What happens to your Facebook account after you die? Will anyone create a Facebook memorial page for you? Here's how to assign a Facebook legacy contact, how to report someone on Facebook has died, and how to create online memorials for loved ones.

A sluggish hard drive can make for a really frustrating workday. Here's a tip: your PC comes with a FREE Windows Disk Cleanup tool that you should be using! Here's how...

Important Internet of Things security issues - see how to protect yourself & your IoT devices (anything with an on/off switch that can connect to the Internet).

Email forwarding is like an art form! I'll show you how to forward email messages the RIGHT way... and in a way that won't make your email look like spam.