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HP Photosmart 6520: An Inexpensive Printer Scanner Copier That Does It All (Even Faxes)… And It’s Fast Too!

The HP Photosmart 6520 printer/scanner/copier is a wireless all-in-one printer that does everything we need — and more — for our home office. See why it’s a great choice for a small business WiFi printer and it’s our choice as the best multifunction printer around.

Worried About Laptop Security? 10 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Laptop Computer Protection Right Now

Because I travel a bit for work, I am constantly thinking about laptop security at various Wifi hotspots I use. You should also be very concerned about laptop computer protection especially if you use it to make online purchases. I’ve got some great tips for keeping your laptop and the data it holds safe. From choosing the right bag to carry your laptop in — to encrypting your own files, I know your data will be safer after reading this.

Creative Uses For Old Computers: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Used Computer

Wondering what to do with old computers? Don’t throw them out! An old computer or old laptop can be repurposed. I’ve found lots of clever ways to make good use of an old, beat up, used computer — better than selling it, and will save you money as well!

Blogging From Bed… Is There Such A Thing As Ergonomic Computing From Bed? All About Bedside Ergonomics & Computer Use

Ergonomics & computer use from bed go hand in hand these days. There are many ergonomic workstation ideas for your bedroom. Here’s what I’ve learned about working from bed — particularly, working on the computer from bed. If you’re doing it, you’re not alone. See which famous writers also worked from bed!