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Believe it or not, ergonomics & computer use from bed is a 'thing'. I've figured out how to create an ergonomic workstation from my bedroom. Yes, you can work from bed!

After upgrading from the original Google Chromebook to the Chromebook Pixel, we found very few Chromebook Pixel accessories. See which Chromebook cases and bags we chose.

New laptop? Charge it to 100% and then drain it all the way to maximize the battery life. This and 4 other great tech tips for setting up your new laptop.

Buying brand new cartridges each time you run out of ink? Refill ink cartridges yourself by following these 4 easy steps. It's a lot easier than you think!

Do you have an upset stomach because you just realized you've got a computer virus, malware, or your personal info has been stolen? I don't want to sound harsh but your computer security is to blame. Do these 4 things now!

Amazon's Kindle Reader lets you publish your ebooks and get instant worldwide distribution. Here's how to self-publish on Kindle - how to format and set prices.

Laptop handbags for a 17-inch computer. photo by Lynnette at

I got a 17-inch laptop computer, so I set out to find the perfect laptop handbag. Here are the messenger laptop bags that I considered, and the one(s) I bought.

I wish I had ordered a backup AC power cord for my laptop when I bought it. If/when the new one should ever stop working, I will make a point to order a second one from the same place where I bought my laptop. Here's why.


Three of our computers all tap into the Internet wirelessly -- thanks to our secured wireless network hub. The only problem: Interrupted service. All three of those computers will mysteriously go offline on occasion. Now we're considering an ethernet adapter that plugs in to a wall outlet, instead of a wireless router. Here's why...