Before You Buy A New Laptop Computer, Think Laptop Power Cord!

by Lynnette

computers, laptops, power cords

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laptop-and-dog.jpgHere’s a tip from someone who has bought her share of laptop computers for the home office through the years:

On the very day that you buy your laptop computer, also buy an extra laptop power cord for it at the same time!

The reason? Because you’ll be up a creek on the day you realize that your power cord has gone bad.

There’s no way to charge a laptop other than using the official power cord that works with your specific make and model of laptop computer.

It happened to me.

But it gets worse…

I use my laptop a lot — in addition to my desktop computer.

The day the power cord stopped charging was quite frustrating, because it meant no more “working at my convenience” wherever and whenever I wanted.


Instead, I was now tied to my desktop computer if I wanted to get any work done (…which wasn’t fun at all).

Worse yet…  it took over a week to receive the replacement power cord that I ordered online. Ugh.

And even worse yet… even though the manufacturer of the replacement laptop power cord said this one was compatible with the make and model of laptop I have, it turned out to have some limitations. The biggest one: if you left the power cord plugged in after the laptop battery itself had become recharged, all sorts of weird and wacky things would start happening.

Things like:

  • the cursor moving without me touching it
  • the computer got really hot to the touch
  • the power cord itself got really hot
  • and the mouse became extra sensitive, so a minor touch would open up all sorts of windows and browsers at once

It was a royal pain in the butt! My original laptop power cord never did these things — no matter how long I left it plugged in.

I wish so badly that I had just ordered a backup AC power cord for the laptop when I bought it. And if/when the new one should ever stop working, I will make a point to order another one from the same place where I bought my laptop. But that’s just me.

Word to the wise!