How To Do A Complete PC System Cleanup Yourself Using The FREE Windows Disk Cleanup Tool Or Another PC Cleaner

I get so frustrated when my PC is sluggish — how about you? I didn’t even realize the free WIndows Disk Cleanup tool came with my laptop! I get really concerned when I run a disk cleaner because I don’t want to lose files. This Windows system cleaner is really good, and doesn’t touch your personal files and photos. Here’s what you can expect if you use a disk cleaner for your PC, and what to do if you have a Mac.

Worried About Laptop Security? 10 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Laptop Computer Protection Right Now

Because I travel a bit for work, I am constantly thinking about laptop security at various Wifi hotspots I use. You should also be very concerned about laptop computer protection especially if you use it to make online purchases. I’ve got some great tips for keeping your laptop and the data it holds safe. From choosing the right bag to carry your laptop in — to encrypting your own files, I know your data will be safer after reading this.

Creative Uses For Old Computers: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Used Computer

Wondering what to do with old computers? Don’t throw them out! An old computer or old laptop can be repurposed. I’ve found lots of clever ways to make good use of an old, beat up, used computer — better than selling it, and will save you money as well!

What Is The Internet of Things? Answers To Your Questions About The Internet Of Things & Security

What is this Internet of Things, you ask? Basically it’s a fancy way of describing anything with an on/off switch that can also interact with the Internet. IoT devices can talk to each other, often without you even realizing it. Security is one of many IoT challenges – here’s how to stay safe.

Blogging From Bed… Is There Such A Thing As Ergonomic Computing From Bed? All About Bedside Ergonomics & Computer Use

Ergonomics & computer use from bed go hand in hand these days. There are many ergonomic workstation ideas for your bedroom. Here’s what I’ve learned about working from bed — particularly, working on the computer from bed. If you’re doing it, you’re not alone. See which famous writers also worked from bed!

How Long Should Your Cell Phone Battery Last & Tips For Increasing Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Are your cell phone batteries constantly running low? Feel like you need to keep recharging your rechargeable lithium ion battery just to be able to use your cell phone? Here’s how to prolong your cell phone battery life, as well as the life of batteries used in other electronics — like digital cameras, iPods, laptops, and more!

Cleaning LCD Screens 101: How To Clean A TV Screen + Tips For Cleaning A Computer Screen Safely

Harsh chemicals such as ammonia or alcohol can do serious damage to LCD (liquid crystal display) screens, as well as plasma TVs and computer monitors. That includes all laptops and portable video games. Virtually any device that produces a picture that is manufactured today will be damaged by harsh cleaning chemicals.