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I've always wondered whether you should leave your printer ON 24/7, or keep it turned OFF. I finally found the answer: Leave it ON. Here's why!

Tired of recharging cell phone batteries all the time? Here's how to prolong your cell phone battery life and the life of your batteries in cameras, laptops & more!

USB ports have been around for awhile, but the USB Type C connector is newer & definitely worth having! See why a USB C cable is better than other USB types.

I wish I had ordered a backup AC power cord for my laptop when I bought it. If/when the new one should ever stop working, I will make a point to order a second one from the same place where I bought my laptop. Here's why.

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Should you leave your laptop plugged in all the time -- even when you're not using it? Should you let your notebook computer 'hibernate' with the lid closed while the laptop is plugged in? Is it okay to leave your laptop plugged in while you work for hours at a time? Should you ever unplug the laptop cord from the wall? Answers here...