Blogging From Bed… Is There Such A Thing As Ergonomic Computing From Bed? All About Bedside Ergonomics & Computer Use

by Lynnette

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I have a desktop computer. And I have a laptop computer.

These days, I find myself choosing to compute from my laptop computer, more than my desktop computer.

Mostly because it’s so easily accessible. Whichever room I happen to be in, I just open it up and I’m online!

ergonomics & computer use in bed

I primarily use the laptop:

#1 – In the kitchen as a recipe book — I’ve stored all of my favorite recipes in Google Drive.

#2 – In the bedroom — where I spend most of my day for some reason lately. (It’s cooler and more comfortable than my home office.)

But now I’m starting to wonder if I’m subconsciously favoring the laptop over the (much nicer) desktop because it’s a way for me to work from the comfort of my own bed!

I think I might be onto something here — either a whole new aspect of laziness, or a whole new form of work-at-home computing!

Turns out, I’m definitely not alone! Check out these stats about people who work from bed.

Market research by Reverie, a Walpole, Mass., maker of adjustable beds, suggests as many as 80% of young New York City professionals work regularly from bed. Source


What’s The Dealio?

I have to admit, I’m a little (okay, a lot) embarrassed to admit I do so much of my work from the comfort of my bed. (The bed is usually made — if that helps at all.)

It’s just that the thought of walking all the way down the hall and to my office where my desktop work computer is just seems like such a chore — especially when my laptop is just an arm’s reach away.

And then there are all those times when I get the urge to hop on the computer in the wee hours of the morning. At those hours, I’m not quite ready to face reality and officially “go to work” — but I’m eager to put my thoughts on paper (I mean… laptop screen) before I forget them.

Since I’ve gotten away from using paper & pen, I always go to my laptop to make notes. So I’m comfortable jotting down a few quick notes or pounding out an article that’s right on the tip of my tongue in a heartbeat from the comfort of my bed.

See what the experts say about taking notes on paper vs. on a laptop.


Why Working From Bed Is Better Than A Desk

Yeah, there are actually lots of reasons computing from the comfort of my bed usually takes precedence over computing from my fancy schmancy desktop computer with boatloads of workspace at my amazing L-shaped desk:

  • One… it’s cold in there. (In the winter.) My office is the ‘bonus room’ above the garage and rooms like that are always hard to heat.
  • And it’s lonely too. (Jim’s office is right across from our bedroom.)
  • Plus, the humongous flat screen TV is located in our bedroom. (In my office I’ve only got a little 27-incher. Poor me, right?)
  • And the seating is much more comfortable in our bedroom. High-dollar ergonomic office chairs have come a long way — and yes, I have one. But they’re nothing compared to a plush overstuffed lounge chair (…or the bed).

And I’ve got to be honest with you, there are days when I put in 12 hours (or more) at the computer. Sometimes you just need a little change in the scenery in order to stay motivated — or productive — at the computer — so working from the bedroom helps with that.

All in all, it’s just easier and makes more sense to work on the computer in a space where you’re the most comfortable, and the scenery is best, right? (Not to mention that 50-inch TV.)


Why People Compute From Bed

I realize that a lot of people have to access their computer from bed, if they want to work.

But obviously, for me it’s more like 90% laziness and 10% practicality.

I get up so early some mornings that it’s easier to open up the laptop and get a few things done right from the comfort of my warm & toasty bed. But then, if I happen to get on a roll, then it becomes even more difficult to move out of my “comfort zone” to go work from my desktop computer down the hall.

What’s the point? Perhaps this is simply a case of “work at home” gone way out of control.

The only problem: computing from bed is not very ergonomic. After a few days of this, my neck is cramped up into some contortion that’s simply not natural. And my arms need somewhere to rest.

So, just for the heck of it, I decided to look online to see if there are any creative ideas for ergonomics & computer use from bed.

Here’s what I found about bedside ergonomics & computer use: 

  • The Bed Desk — an ergonomic bed table that also serves as a versatile laptop table, book holder, table top, bed tray, and more.
  • The ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation — a height adjustable workstation that’s ideal for working in a supine position in a bed, or for sitting, standing or working from a recliner.
  • Swing-Away Laptop Computer Desk — an ultra-ergonomic computer stand that is elegant and space-saving. It also provides optimal cooling for your laptop.
  • Laptop Laidback Stand — surf for hours in comfort while lying down in bed or stretched out in your favorite recliner.
  • Reverie Adjustable Bed — these adjustable beds are great for computing from bed.
  • Bed Lounger Pillow — a lounge pillow is another good option to help with ergonomics & computer use from bed.


What Do The Experts Say?

Okay, wake up and smell the reality, Lynnette!

I just saw a report on TV that said something to the effect of “you shouldn’t do anything in your bedroom other than sleep” (…and do other related activities).

How can you enjoy ergonomics & computer use from bed?

The reason? Because the more you do in your bedroom, the less your mind & body associate your bed with getting much-needed rest. It will become harder for you to “turn off” your work and relax your mind & body.

I have to say, I think I may be noticing some of that. My mind is always “on” and it’s hard to turn work “off”. So, I’m gonna work on this. I don’t want to risk my sleep patterns (or other stuff) simply because I no longer associate the bedroom with its true, intended purpose.

Okay, but now it’s time to catch some Zzzzz’s. G’nite.


But Wait, There’s More

In case you were wondering, this post was typed from my desktop computer. Yeah, I kinda took that last part to heart.

Plus I’m trying to be a somewhat respectable writer — who also gets a decent amount of sleep.

But I still think something big should come from this “ergonomics & computer use from bed” idea. Someone could make a lot of money by making it even more popular than it already is to work from bed — or from the bedroom at least. Think about all those people who have mega-sized bedrooms big enough to accommodate the ergonomic workstation needs of those who work from home and want to be comfortable working on the computer for long hours at a time in bed. This idea could go mainstream if those types of ergonomic features were more affordable.

See, I’m always thinkin’…


More About Ergonomics & Computer Use From Bed

In addition to the links I’ve included above, here’s some more information about ergonomics/computer work from bed: