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Tired of recharging cell phone batteries all the time? Here's how to prolong your cell phone battery life and the life of your batteries in cameras, laptops & more!

Have a tech bag for your tech gear, computer & electronics? I do! See my top picks in padded bags for electronics -- including a tech backpack and a rolling duffel bag.

Unfortunately, you might think about laptop security only after a thief gets his hands on yours. Here are some laptop computer protection steps you should take TODAY to keep your laptop (and the data it holds) safe!

What will they think of next? Wearable technology trends boast health & wellness features, baby monitoring, habit changers, and other ways to enhance your life. See what the future of IoT looks like.

Believe it or not, ergonomics & computer use from bed is a 'thing'. I've figured out how to create an ergonomic workstation from my bedroom. Yes, you can work from bed!

Have a gadget lover on your list? Not sure what's 'in' or what they'd really like? Our tech gift guide includes modern electronic gifts for EVERYONE on your list!

After upgrading from the original Google Chromebook to the Chromebook Pixel, we found very few Chromebook Pixel accessories. See which Chromebook cases and bags we chose.

Before you buy a USB car charger, you might want to consider the Nonda ZUS smart car charger. It charges 2x faster, has 2 USB ports, and has GPS capabilities!

Most USB wall chargers are large bulky gadgets that plug into an outlet. The SnapPower USB wall outlet coverplate charges your phone w/o using an outlet plug