Some of the fun tips I've saved & shared on Pinterest! photo by Lynnette at

Pinterest Tips For Guys And Newbies

I’ve been sharing things on Pinterest for awhile now. I decided to search the social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter) to see what people were saying about it. I find it interesting that some guys have stated they don’t feel comfortable using Pinterest. What do you think, does Pinterest work for guys? My Pinterest tips for guys and newbies.

Best iPhone Apps For iPhone & iTouch Newbies

I have 60 of the best iPhone apps on my iPhone right now. I thought I’d share with other iPhone newbies — and iTouch /iPod/iPad newbies — which apps are the must-haves for me, which apps are good default iPhone apps, plus some fun ways you can organize your life and enhance your productivity with the iPhone.

Attention: Not Everyone With A MySpace Account Is Looking To ‘Hook Up’!

The dangers of MySpace… and the good stuff too! The point here is this: While MySpace has become all the rage for musicians to connect with their fans and teenagers to broaden their circle of friends, it is becoming more and more like a place to ‘hook-up’ and meet strangers. Here’s the rest of the story…