Fun Ways That The Average Person Can Use Custom QR Codes Every Day

Wondering how to use QR codes? It’s simple! You can use a custom QR code to store an unlimited amount of data, photos, and videos in one place and share it with a unique audience. See our favorite ways to use QR codes for your pet’s ID tag, your own luggage tags, custom business cards, your job resume & cover letter, and house-for-sale flyers, and more!

Use Belarc Advisor To See Exactly What’s On (And In) Your Computer

There is no better — or easier — way to see every single thing you have on your computer than to use the Belarc Advisor program. You download the free program online, then open it up on your computer and run it. The info it tells you about your computer is AMAZING!

Is Your WebSite Designed Effectively?

If you want to design your website to have the greatest impact among twenty-somethings, then you might want to consider the following factors, as they reveal some interesting website surfing ‘facts’ and variables that affect a user’s experience.