With Dropbox you can sync files & photos between your phone and computer, or multiple computers. photo by Johan Larsson on Flickr

Why I Love Dropbox For Sharing & Syncing Files… And You Will Too!

by Lynnette

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With Dropbox you can sync files & photos between your phone and computer, or multiple computers. photo by Johan Larsson on FlickrI’ve been using Dropbox for over a year now, and I love it.

I mentioned it in passing when I wrote about my favorite Android apps for Droid phone newbies.

Since then, a number of my friends have signed up and most are surprised by how much they use Dropbox on a regular basis now.

I’m sure there are others who may have heard about Dropbox, but aren’t sure what exactly to use it for.

So I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain why I like Dropbox so much and highlight some of the fun ways you can use it.

Why I Like Dropbox

#1.  It’s FREE! (…and the amount of free storage you get is quite significant: 2GB)

#2.  It’s a simple way to share personal files & photos with friends (…instead of having to share everything publicly in the Cloud)

#3.  It’s a simple way to share professional files & photos with business colleagues  (…instead of having to log in to an FTP program or use a program like PC Anywhere)

#4.  It’s a simple way to sync files & photos on multiple computers (…instead of using a thumbdrive to manually transfer things)

#5.  It’s a good way to backup your most important files & photos (…the syncing takes place automatically; you don’t have to remember to back things up)

#6.  It automatically recognizes whenever you remove a file from a folder (…syncing files between computers  is constant and seamless, you don’t have to tell Dropbox to update your files each time)

#7.  In addition to running in the background on any computer that you designate, you can also view your Dropbox files any time online at Dropbox.com (…great if you access Dropbox at the office)

#8.  There’s a Dropbox app that makes sharing things from your mobile phone a cinch (…here’s the iPhone app – Blackberry appAndroid app)Dropbox iPhone app. photo by yto on Flickr


If you decide to try Dropbox and use this referral link, then you and I both get an extra 250MB of storage space! (On top of the standard 2GB that’s already FREE. It’s their incentive for helping to spread the word about Dropbox.)


Fun Ways To Use Dropbox


Even More Ways To Use Dropbox 

The ideas mentioned so far are super simple and great for those who are using Dropbox for the first time. The following links explain how to do each of the things above. Plus, you’ll find dozens of other — more advanced — uses for Dropbox. Have fun!…

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