How To Subscribe To RSS Feeds Using A Newsfeed Reader Or An RSS Feed Reader

First off, if you want to be informed whenever a website adds a new article, then you’ll need to subscribe to that site’s RSS feed. Then, to see those RSS feeds, you’ll need a ‘news reader’, an ‘aggregator’ an ‘RSS reader’, a ‘newsfeed reader’, or an ‘RSS news reader’. Here’s why you should subscribe to RSS feeds for all of your favorite websites in the first place, the easiest way to subscribe to RSS newsfeeds, and how to choose the best free RSS feed reader for your needs.

Yahoo Mail Beta & Advanced Email Features

took the plunge… I shelled out the $19.95/yr for access to Yahoo’s advanced email features at the same time that I upgraded (for FREE) to Yahoo’s new Mail Beta version. I’m glad I did, on both accounts. Here’s why…

Web Portals: Google vs Yahoo Personalized Homepages

Here are some of the differences between Google’s personalized homepage and Yahoo’s personalized homepage. Both offer a way to keep all of your favorite things at your fingertips — no matter WHAT computer you’re on…

Reasons To Make ‘My Yahoo’ Your Homepage

I have a feeling that most people (even those who use Yahoo for e-mail) are not aware of the wide variety of free tools and services available for FREE! Simply by using MyYahoo as your homepage, you can incorporate a number of really cool Internet features.

Everybody Needs Two (2) E-mail Addresses… Here’s Why

In this day and age, there are a number of reasons to have AT LEAST two different e-mail accounts… one primary account that only your closest non-email-chain-letter-kinds-of-friends know about, and one you use for everything and everyone else. Here’s what you need to know…