Yahoo Mail Beta & Advanced Email Features

by Lynnette

, Yahoo

Yahoo email man. I took the plunge… I shelled out the $19.95/yr for access to Yahoo’s advanced email features at the same time that I upgraded (for FREE) to Yahoo’s new Mail Beta version.

I’m glad I did, on both accounts.

Here’s why…


Why Yahoo Mail Plus Is Worth $19.95/yr:

I LOVE being able to check my email from ALL of my many different e-mail accounts in one place… and from any computer!

Plus, I can now send email from any of those accounts as well.

There are lots of little “bonuses” that I enjoy as well, but I primarily did it for the two reasons mentioned above.

One big “plus”:
There’s no more annoying “timed out” issues, where you have to log into Yahoo with your password again and again. Oh, and there are no more ADS!!!

One big “minus”:
There needs to be a way for Yahoo to check all of your e-mail accounts for new mail automatically — say, every 5 minutes or so. They say it’s a standard problem with POP3 email accounts in general — there’s no way to “push” email to you unless you use a standalone program like eprompter. Only, eprompter currently doesn’t work with Yahoo’s latest version: Yahoo mail beta. (For the record, your mail on Yahoo’s primary account is automatically checked every couple of minutes, but this doesn’t apply to any non-Yahoo accounts you’ve set up.)

Here’s a great review of Yahoo’s e-mail plus program.


Why Yahoo’s New Mail Beta Innerface Is Great

Here are a few cool things about Yahoo’s new Mail Beta program (even the FREE version) that I noticed:

  • The innerface is much more modern and simple. It’s just like any other windows-based program now… just drag & drop, open things in tabs, etc.
  • It’s also got a built-in feed reeder (or aggregator) that’s a cinch to use!
  • The calendar ticker at the bottom of the screen is way cool for keeping upcoming appointments & reminders right in front of your eyes.
  • You can even “try it” with just a click. Have a look around & experiment with a few things… then switch back to the old way if you don’t like it. It’s just a simple click back to the “old” Yahoo mail.


One thing I wish…

I wish that Yahoo would modernize its Notepad features!

Yahoo Notepad is still dinosaurish in design and functionality. This doesn’t stop me from using it though. I love having ALL of my personal notes and ideas categorized for me and accessible from any computer.

Check out this screencast of Yahoo’s new Mail Beta program.

Here’s a great review and interview with Ethan Diamond of Yahoo.