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Take it from this editor of 32 websites, using computer shortcut keys definitely saves time! These are the Windows keyboard shortcuts you'll use the most.

I work online (and play online). I'm VERY familiar with the 3 most popular browsers: Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome. See why Firefox and Chrome are better than IE.

A sluggish hard drive can make for a really frustrating workday. Here's a tip: your PC comes with a FREE Windows Disk Cleanup tool that you should be using! Here's how...

You should really act quickly if you're wondering what to do if your email has been hacked. There are 6 helpful tips to follow if you're concerned about an email hacker.

How to make a free Skype call. Benefits of using Skype to make Internet phone calls from your computer or smartphone - plus other great ways to use Skype daily!

Have a gadget lover on your list? Not sure what's 'in' or what they'd really like? Our tech gift guide includes modern electronic gifts for EVERYONE on your list!

I've been able to speed up my computer using these tips! I'm sharing what worked for me to speed up Windows 10 - so you can fix your slow computer for FREE too

New laptop? Charge it to 100% and then drain it all the way to maximize the battery life. This and 4 other great tech tips for setting up your new laptop.

Amazon's Kindle Reader lets you publish your ebooks and get instant worldwide distribution. Here's how to self-publish on Kindle - how to format and set prices.