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Forwarded emails are often used to steal email addresses and spread viruses. Here's how to forward an email message properly - so you don't send SPAM email to your friends.

What happens to your Facebook account after you die? Will anyone create a Facebook memorial page for you? Here's how to assign a Facebook legacy contact, how to report someone on Facebook has died, and how to create online memorials for loved ones.

Did you realize that your smartphone security is at risk by using Bluetooth? I didn't either. Here are my best tips for choosing cellphone security apps + Other helpful ways to keep your phone safe.

Unfortunately, you might think about laptop security only after a thief gets his hands on yours. Here are some laptop computer protection steps you should take TODAY to keep your laptop (and the data it holds) safe!

You should really act quickly if you're wondering what to do if your email has been hacked. There are 6 helpful tips to follow if you're concerned about an email hacker.

What will they think of next? Wearable technology trends boast health & wellness features, baby monitoring, habit changers, and other ways to enhance your life. See what the future of IoT looks like.

Ah... what to do with old computers?! I recently turned an old computer into a server, and I turned some old laptops into digital photo frames. My best ideas.

Important Internet of Things security issues - see how to protect yourself & your IoT devices (anything with an on/off switch that can connect to the Internet).

Social media hackers are a sly and cunning breed. Use password managers, two-factor authentication and more tips to keep your social media sites safe.