Top 3 Product Tracking Sites That Send You Price Alerts When Your Favorite Items Go On Sale

product-tracking-online-by-Mr-Thomas.jpg Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a lot of time to shop. I know I don’t.

One way that you can minimize the time spent shopping for the best deal is to use online shopping sites that provide automatic price alerts via email when a product you’re looking for goes on sale.

Here are the best product tracking sites that alert you of price drops via email…


Top 3 Product Tracking Sites

#1 PricePinx uses a different (better) system than most of the other product tracking websites.

First, you sign up for an account, and then you drag their bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar. Whenever you’re shopping online and see something you like, you highlight the price and then click on the PricePinx bookmarklet. Then, when the price drops for that item, PriceOinx notifies you via e-mail.

You can use PricePinx bookmarklet when shopping at over 1,000 different online stores. (These are definitely among the most popular places that people shop online too!)

PricePinx is my favorite site that alerts you about lowering prices because you don’t have to go to their website to search for products each time and then set up individual alerts. Instead, you simply go to all your favorite online stores, like normal, and use the PricePinx bookmarklet while you’re there.


#2 Gazaro is another very good website for tracking sales.

Gazaro tracks sales fliers and popular shopping websites and then alerts you when prices have gone up or down. You do have to search for your favorite items through their website each time, but it’s easy to set up an alert for each of the products you’re interested in.

Just for fun, I put “laptop computer” into their search engine I and was very pleasantly surprised. I found laptops for less than $300! While they were refurbished, if you are a student that just needs a computer to work on school work, this would be a great deal.

When you sign up for Gazaro’s tracking service, you tell them what you’re looking for and they send you an e-mail notifying you of price alerts. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed to track your favorite products that way. And eventually you can even receive Tweets alerting you to price drops on your favorite items! I really like the idea of getting price alerts in the form of Tweets.


#3 Shop It To Me is another great free personal online shopper.

Shop It To Me’s strength is monitoring the websites of leading clothing retailers. Here, we’re not just talking about stores like Walmart and JCPenny, but also more specialized stores like Bluefly, Nordstroms, Zappos.

After you enter your favorite brands and sizes of clothing, they send you a “Salemail” alerts, which are daily (or weekly) emails highlighting which items are currently on sale in your size.

One popular way to use Shop It To Me is to track the brands and sizes of your child’s favorite clothes. I read that one lady saved $580 when she used it to shop for school clothes! Here’s another review.


2 Good Product Tracking Sites

Price Ambush has a nifty feature where you do a search for the product you want, and then it gives you all these different products which meet your criteria. Or, you can enter the exact brand you want for a particular item instead.

Either way, when you find an item you like, just click on “set alert”. Then immediately at the bottom of the listing, you will see a place to put your e-mail address and the highest price you’re willing to spend.

When a sale takes place causing that product to go on sale for that price or lower, you’ll get an e-mail alerting you to the new low price.


Street Prices is not as sophisticated, nor as comprehensive, as the other product tracking websites that send you price alerts, but it’s still a good one.

You sign up for an account and then do a search for a particular product. Their search engine searches 150 different stores and gives you a list of items that you may be interested in. Just click on “add price alert” for the ones you want to receive notifications of price drops.




7 Other Product Tracking Websites




Mobile Applications That Provide Price Alerts





The first 3 product tracking sites on this list are my personal favorites because of the way they find deals and how they get the information to you. They also make it easy for you to find good deals on your own as well.

The other 2 are good, but I would’ve liked more information on the stores that Price Ambush scans for deals. They don’t give you any information about this on their website. Unfortunately, Street Prices only searches 150 online stores. Compare that to PricePinx, which searches over 1,000 and lets you place alerts while shopping directly on those stores’ websites, and well you see what I mean.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that it never hurts to set price alerts from more than one product tracking website. That way, you can be sure that you are actually getting to see all of the good deals that are out there for the products that you’re most interested in. You will also be able to see where some sites may be missing some deals.

Did you know that you can find local deals online, too? Offeretti makes it easy! When you visit the site, you’ll see a map of your area. You can also enter your ZIP code or click on a city name. You’ll notice orange markers on the map. Click one to see a deal! If you’d prefer, you can search by category or enter a search term. Many of the deals will require coupons. Offeretti will help you get the coupon and claim your deal!  — Kim Komando



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