Firefox Tip: How To Remove Typos And Other Text From The ‘Saved Forms’ Boxes

by Lynnette

browsers, Firefox

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It is definitely a time-saver to check the “Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar” in Firefox. (Under Tools – Options – Privacy)

It’s the same as “AutoComplete” in IE — which stores previous entries and suggests matches for you. (Under Tools – Internet Options – Content)

This amazing shortcut saves you boatloads of keystrokes, especially if you routinely complete the same stuff at your most often-visited websites. (Think: uploading photos, logging into websites, etc.)

Today, I was about to clear ALL of my saved data (the only option that is available under Firefox – Options) because of just one measly little typo that mistakenly got saved in one of my AutoComplete boxes. It was annoying me to no end.

But, thanks to Mission Data, I learned the quickest & easiest workaround to fix the problem once and for all!

Here’s how to remove those annoying typos from your boxes without having to clear ALL of your saved data…

Mission Data saved me hours of frustration, which is why I’m sharing their helpful tip with you now.

To remove a mistyped word or entry from your saved form information do this:

Go to the form where the mistake is. Put your cursor in the text entry widget [box] and hit down until the incorrect entry is highlighted. Now press shift + del … viola. Source

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