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A Buyer’s Guide To Fidget Spinners For Kids & Adults From My Interview With An Expert Fidget Toy Collector

Fidget spinners and other fidget toys have become popular with kids AND adults. They're a great way to help pass the time, relieve boredom, and combat stress & anxiety. In fact, many with ADHD, autism, and anxiety enjoy fidget toys for their therapeutic benefits. I interviewed an expert fidget toy collector to get his expert fidget spinner tips for buying and collecting spinners.

Blog World Expo: A Review

Overall, the Blog World Expo conference in Las Vegas was entertaining at first, then boring toward the end. Mid-way through the first day of this 2-day conference, Jim and I both realized that the sessions were extremely beginner-level; better for new bloggers.

Why I Love Pandora

Sit back, slide the headphones on and crank up the tunes! I’ve always considered myself a bit eclectic when it comes to music. For me, it doesn’t really matter which genre. You might catch me listening to Rap, Reggae, Rock, Blues, or Bluegrass, it doesn’t really matter to me. Or even Contemporary Gospel, Soul or ...