Try An Online Typing Test To Test Your Typing Speed

by Lynnette

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typewriter-istockphoto.jpg According to a couple of online typing tests I tried, I type in the 100 words per minute range. (That’s with no errors.)

When I used to work in administrative jobs, my typing speed was “really good” (according to my employers). I went from 60 wpm to 80 wpm in no time from all the time spent at the computer. Now, after all these years of being self-employed as a full-time writer and editor, I’m at 100 wpm.

That’s pretty good, but still not great. If you try out your own typing speed at the following online typing sites, you’ll see that the fastest typists tend to type in the 120-150 range.

Try ’em out… they’re FUN!


TypeRacer Typing Race

A tip: As you’re typing, concentrate ONLY on the words you’re typing — not on what’s going on above what you’re typing, not on the moving objects which are appearing on the page, and don’t “overthink” what you’re typing. The typing bar will immediately turn red if you misspell a word.

What makes it fun: Your “skill level”, “average speed”, and “# of races completed” appears in the upper right corner on the screen. So be sure to type in your first name.

For the competitor in you: If you hover over your typing speed at the end of the race, you can see how others ranked, and their averages

Test your own typing speed at TypeRacer.


Learn2Type Typing Test (This one’s my favorite)

A tip: Remember that typing accuracy is just as important as typing speed. There’s not a lot going on in the margins to distract you, so concentrate on typing accurately and fast.

What makes it fun: This one’s most like an “official” typing test that an employer might ask you to complete. When you’re done, you get a report that shows what you typed, compared to what you were asked to type, with mistakes appearing in red.

Proud of your results? You can immediately click to print out an official Typing Speed Certificate that you can frame and hang on your wall.

Test your own typing accuracy and speed at Learn2Type.



A tip: Pay no attention to the “live” tracker on the righthand side. It monitors your current typing speed and counts down the time, but it can be distracting.

What makes it fun: You can choose your own “test” (the type of story you’d like to type), and the length of your typing test (1 to 3 minutes).

If that’s not enough: Click on over to the other tabs across the top to find more fun typing games you can download or play online.

Try your hand at TypingTest.


Here are lots of other fun tools and games that help you learn how to type.