Cell Phone Ring Holder Review: I’ve Finally Found The Best Phone Grip AND Phone Stand In One!

A cell phone ring holder is a helpful and clever way to keep a grip on your smartphone at all times. A phone grip ring sticks securely onto most smartphones, tablets, and phone cases. And it folds completely flat when you’re not using it. It also helps with taking selfies, one-handed typing & texting, and taking action photos on the fly. I’ve used an iRing phone finger ring for years now and have gifted many of them too. See why everyone loves the iRing!

Try An Online Typing Test To Test Your Typing Speed

I type in the 100 wpm range. That’s pretty good, but not great. The fastest typists tend to type in the 120-150 range. Here are 3 online typing tests where you can test your own typing speed. They’re fun!

Grafedia: Street Art Linked Online To Interactive Media

What turns ‘regular graffiti’ into Grafedia is the blue line that’s placed under it. That blue line signals that there’s more about this particular piece of artwork online. Check out this new form of creative/interactive art!