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Tired of recharging cell phone batteries all the time? Here's how to prolong your cell phone battery life and the life of your batteries in cameras, laptops & more!

New laptop? Charge it to 100% and then drain it all the way to maximize the battery life. This and 4 other great tech tips for setting up your new laptop.

Most USB wall chargers are large bulky gadgets that plug into an outlet. The SnapPower USB wall outlet coverplate charges your phone w/o using an outlet plug

I wish I knew these things about cell phone batteries before I burned through a cell phone battery in just under a year! You can learn from my mistakes.

laptop plugged in

Should you leave your laptop plugged in all the time -- even when you're not using it? Should you let your notebook computer 'hibernate' with the lid closed while the laptop is plugged in? Is it okay to leave your laptop plugged in while you work for hours at a time? Should you ever unplug the laptop cord from the wall? Answers here...