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How To Find Your Lost Cell Phone With Free Programs Online: Find Your Phone Fast!

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By Aimee

If you’ve lost your cell phone (or more likely, just temporarily misplaced it), you can enter your cell phone number at Where’s My Cell Phone and your phone will ring right away.

Then, all you have to do is listen for the ring, and see where that ring is coming from!


Of course you could also call your cell phone number from a land line or a friend’s cell phone. But if neither of those options is available to you, then this free service would come in really handy!

The site [wheresmycellphone.com] does not share or store your phone number. But you can block your number if you wish. If someone else accidentally enters your number, your phone won’t ring. Source.

For the record, Google Maps’ click-to-call is another way to call your own cell phone.

You can also use Google Voice to call your own cell phone.

Here are some other great apps to help find your phone.


Find Your Phone Apps


#1 – Prey: allows you to remotely control your device in the event or loss or theft. Prey lets you snap a picture of the thief, or write a unique message to be displayed on your phone so that someone can return your phone to you.

#2 – avast! Anti-Theft: allows users to find a lost phone, remotely lock it, or even remotely wipe all of the data. avast! Anti-Theft is a well-known security brand that you can trust.

#3 – Whistle: If you have a bad habit of “losing” your phone in the couch cushions or under a pile of laundry, the Whistle app can help you locate your phone.

#4 – Mobile Spy: in addition to phone tracking Mobile Spy features include a stealth camera mode, the ability to record noises in the vicinity of your device, app blocking, call logs, and web activity monitoring.

#5 – Theftie: takes a “selfie” of the thief, and also locates your phone — Theftie’s selfie feature enables you or law enforcement to get your stolen property back.


What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Phone


If you don’t hear the ring and you’ve really lost your cell phone, then the following tips to find your phone will come in handy:

Also, you’ll want to notify your wireless provider that your phone has been lost or stolen.

The reason? You are responsible for all charges up until the time that it was reported lost or stolen! Once you report that your cell phone has been lost or stolen, your provider will then shut off your device so that no one can make calls or send messages from it.