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Take it from this editor of 32 websites, using computer shortcut keys definitely saves time! These are the Windows keyboard shortcuts you'll use the most.

Have you ever accidentally deleted something on your computer? I have and it's a terrible feeling! Stress no more - here are simple ways to undelete!

I just got a new Dell laptop computer. While it's still fresh in my mind, I thought some people might be interested in knowing which computer programs and shortcuts I find most useful. Here are my favorites...

Here are two quick & easy solutions for bypassing those online registration forms... you know, the kind that make you 'register first for free' before you can view the article.

Here's how to email a text message to anyone's cellphone. Instructions are included for Alltel, AT&T Cingular, Cricket, Sprint, and Verizon cell phone services. Plus links to some great resources for sending email messages as text message to your friends' cell phones when you don't know their cellphone provider.

Following are three of the most valuable computer tips you may ever use. They'll save you time. They'll prevent future headaches. They'll put you in touch with things you never even knew existed!