How To Search A Web Site Without A Search Box

by Lynnette

searching online

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search-engines-by-Danard-VincenteDid you know?…

You can search for something on a website or blog even if that site doesn’t have a Search Box.

Here’s how…


If a web site doesn’t have a Search Box, yet you wish to search that site for a phrase, word, or idea, simply do this:

Go to your favorite Search Engine and in the entire Search Box type this:

1. The word or phrase (use quotes for phrases)
followed by…

2. A single space
followed by…

3. The word: site
followed by…

4. A colon
followed by…

5. The entire URL of the website


Like this…  “care packages” site://

[NOTE: There is no space between the colon and the URL]

Finally, click ENTER in Google, sit back & watch the magic!

You’ll get a list of results showing only those articles on that particular website that reference that word or phrase.

Pretty cool, huh?