How To Subscribe To RSS Feeds Using A Newsfeed Reader Or An RSS Feed Reader

First off, if you want to be informed whenever a website adds a new article, then you’ll need to subscribe to that site’s RSS feed. Then, to see those RSS feeds, you’ll need a ‘news reader’, an ‘aggregator’ an ‘RSS reader’, a ‘newsfeed reader’, or an ‘RSS news reader’. Here’s why you should subscribe to RSS feeds for all of your favorite websites in the first place, the easiest way to subscribe to RSS newsfeeds, and how to choose the best free RSS feed reader for your needs.

Stop Using The Internet Explorer Browser! Here’s Why You Should Use The Google Chrome Browser Or Firefox Browser Instead

I spend most of my work life online (and a huge part of my personal life too) — so I’m VERY familiar with the 3 most popular browsers: Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, and Chrome. I made the switch from IE to Firefox back in 2005. Then, I switched to the Chrome browser when it came out in 2008. See why Firefox and Chrome are better than Internet Explorer — and why you should make the switch too.

Laptop handbags for a 17-inch computer. photo by Lynnette at

Looking For A Laptop Purse? How I Found The Best Ladies Laptop Handbag

I got a new 17-inch laptop computer, so I immediately set out to find the perfect laptop handbag. Here are the messenger laptop bags that I considered, as well as my favorite laptop handbags. See which one I bought. (I actually got 2 different ones, plus a 3rd laptop bag for my mom!)