Grafedia: Street Art Linked Online To Interactive Media

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grafedia-online-artGrafedia is:

  • Multimedia graffiti
  • An act of anonymous, artistic sharing
  • Words written anywhere, then linked online
  • The latest form of interactive media

Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content – images, video, sound files, and so forth.

This form of artistic graffiti can be written anywhere – on walls, in the streets, on sidewalks, in letters or postcards, on your body as tattoos, or anywhere you feel like putting it.

What turns “regular” graffiti into Grafedia is the blue line that’s placed under it. That blue line signals that there’s more about this particular piece of artwork online. (Get it?… a blue underline, that’s similar to hyperlinked text in the Web world.)

Those on the cutting edge of interactive technology are eating this up. It’s largely an “underground” kind of thing. For the most part, grafedia is intended for an audience of insiders… those who hear about it from blogs and others who are doing it.

People are using Grafedia in the following ways:

  • as a promotional tool
  • as a form of artistic expression
  • as a form of networking
  • as a calling card