How To Cancel Cell Phone Contracts Without Penalty

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cell-phone-contracts-by-Wonderlane.jpg Do you hate your cell phone contract?

Is service spotty no matter where you are?

Perhaps you have other problems with your current cell phone provider.

This can be very frustrating, and figuring out how to cancel cell phone contracts is no piece of cake either!

Canceling your cell phone service contract isn’t impossible. You just need to know what to do.

Keep these 3 things in mind before canceling any cell phone contracts:

  1. Many cell phone carriers can charge up to $350 per line to cancel your cell phone contract before it expires. This is very expensive, and you will want to avoid this at all costs.
  2. Cell phone carriers cannot change the contract without your permission. If a cell phone carrier makes such a change (like if Verizon changes its contract), then this could be your opportunity to get out of the contract. Keep in mind, there are rules for canceling this way though, and you will have to talk to a manager.
  3. Be extremely careful when buying your cell phone service contract from a kiosk. Kiosks are not the cell phone carriers; instead they are 3rd party distributors.


How To Cancel A Mobile Phone Contract

So, how do you actually cancel cell phone contracts? Try these ways that others have successfully used to get out of theirs:


Prepaid Phone Plans Are Good Too

If you’re tired of the fixed-year contracts, you could always go with a pre-paid cell phone plan instead. This might be a helpful option until you study the cell phone contracts of a couple providers to find the best one for you.

Most of the major carriers — including T-MobileSprint, AT&T, and Verizon — have their own pre-paid plans, so it’s definitely something to consider from a convenience standpoint as well. In fact, if you already have a contract with them, then they might consider switching you from your contract to pre-paid without a penalty!

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