Technology – A Generation’s Greatest Contribution

jim-cell-phone.jpg About 20 years ago, ATMs put cash on every street corner and my hunger for convenience became insatiable.
The technology of the 21st century has now put a handheld computer in the palm of my hand and called it a cell phone.

Could cell phones be considered the greatest invention of modern times? I would argue, yes.

Consider the power in your hand that we are already beginning to take for granted.

With a cell phone you can:
  • Check available balances in your accounts
  • Find the local movie times
  • Find the closest hardware store
  • Get directions to a destination from your current location
  • Stay in touch
jim-cellphone.jpgThe mobile phone has become the most powerful tool in my pocket. It has made the world a much smaller place for me, much the same way that Henry Ford did in 1908 or the airline industry did in the 50’s.
I’m a phone call away from a friend, no matter where I am in the world. I can post pictures to a website, text message an address to a lost friend, update my blog, access my Facebook page, and follow new Twitter friends from across the street or across continents. With my cell phone I have wireless, instantaneous access to the world!
So, I ask you, is there a better modern invention than the cell phone?


Jim Walczak

Jim Walczak

Jeep guy. Publisher of a couple of dozen websites. Tech geek. And I get to play on the Internet for a living!

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